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My Name is Chad Borseth, and I'm running for South Washington County (833) School Board. I need your support to earn 1 of 3 open school board positions. Below is where l believe we need to focus our school board efforts. 

A strong school culture is built upon strong relationships between students, parents, and school staff; as a special education teacher, I experience the value of these relationships every day. In a prior 20-year private sector career, I experienced firsthand how a concentrated commitment to building organizational culture can yield tremendous benefits for both its employees and its customers. I would like to bring these diverse experiences to our school board because they support the best interests of our customers - our children. 

I'm running to ensure that the voices of our students, parents, and school staff are amplified and represented with sound district policy and resources. At its core, meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of our children are the primary goals of our public school system - I am aligned with these goals. Please refer to "My Priorities" section below. 

Lastly, our school board members must represent a commitment to nonpartisanship. This election is not about selecting Democrat or Republican candidates; this election is about selecting candidates who put the best interest of students first. As a school board member, I will embrace the spirit of a traditional nonpartisan school board. 

My Priorities

A strong school culture is built upon meaningful relationships between students, parents, and school staff - strong school cultures begets safe learning environments for our children.  We must commit to strengthening these relationships and make them the foundation of our district safety policy. According to an FBI report, "In 81% of planned incidents, others knew about the attack ahead of time," and in many cases, peers and classmates had prior knowledge of the attack (2017, p. 6). This same report found that "71% of attack perpetrators reported being bullied and sought revenge" (2017, p. 5). This data supports the importance of building quality relationships - students share vital information with trusted adults

We must do more to support the development of strong mental health in our children; improving access to school social workers and other supports are critical investments that we must make. Lastly, in addition to exploring physical security upgrades and enhanced collaboration with local law enforcement, I will use my position to strengthen SoWashCo's partnerships with local law enforcement by leveraging the knowledge and experience of our school resource officers (SROs) - these are valuable resources. 

Below are priorities that I would like to place increased emphasis:

Ensure that ALL students thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.  As parents, educators, and community members, we will prioritize our students' academic achievement and social-emotional well-being. Academic rigor and a challenging school curriculum will enable our students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. At the same time, focusing on social-emotional learning will help them develop the self-awareness, self-management, and relationship skills necessary to be productive students and citizens. These aspects will ensure that ALL students meet the high expectations and standards that will prepare them for college or career readiness. I will advocate for sound district policies and practices that foster academic excellence, social-emotional competence, and resilience for ALL students. I will also work with teachers, parents, and community partners to accomplish these goals to create a supportive, engaging learning environment that challenges and nurtures ALL students. We will create a school culture and climate that enable ALL Students to develop their individual sense of agency and the importance of sustained effort and commitment in determining their life outcomes.

Increase efforts to make school leaders visible and accessible to students, staff, and parents.  Our administrative team's time and expertise are precious; we should not waste it in meetings that do not add direct value to our students. Our leaders need to be in close contact with our students. I seek to support our administrators with sound district policy to enable them to spend more time building relationships with students, parents, and school staff. Our school leadership needs to be observing and engaging our children to ensure we are meeting their needs.

Prioritize dramatic improvements in school attendance and participation.  The pandemic had a devastating effect on our routines, and those effects are still with us today. We must reestablish our routines and get back to predictable school schedules. Many parents, students, school staff, and administrators have gradually accepted poor attendance as a norm. We must change this mindset because our truancy accountability systems (our county's ability to enforce state law) are stressed to the breaking point. We will commit our collective efforts to ensure students are at school and in their classrooms. 

Increased commitment to advancing a comprehensive approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).  As a passionate advocate for inclusive and equitable practices, I embraced our school's diverse cultural background by creating meaningful relationships with students. I am committed to adopting a broad concept of DEI that encompasses a rich tapestry of resources, expert perspectives, and evidence-based practices to ensure that district policy and training are grounded in both scholarship and lived experiences of our diverse learners. South Washington County has a great diversity of cultures and communities that contain valuable, but underutilized, experience and knowledge that can support our district equity efforts. We will do more to embrace these valuable resources.

Create strong and clear guidelines for student smartphone usage.  Our current phone use policy is not working; without a  clear and enforceable smartphone policy, we will continue to fail our students and our educators. Considerable learning time is lost in the management of student phone use in class. Our district has made significant capital investments to provide technology to students that exceeds that of a smartphone and technology offered by many or our neighboring school districts - our children are accessible via school technology. We must use this research and data, along with input from staff and parents, to make critical decisions and enact policy.

Stress a fiscal policy that enables sound investments directly linked to improving learning outcomes and the growth of our students.  Our district is experiencing tremendous growth, one of the fastest-growing districts in the state; we need a clear vision for the future needs of our students and schools. Because of this growth, we will need to invest in building new schools, upgrading existing ones, and hiring more teachers and staff while being mindful of the financial impact on our taxpayers. I bring a unique skill set to this election; as a design engineer in the private sector, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility. I consistently delivered highly-performing, highly desirable products below cost targets; this savings freed up capital investment into other projects that made our organization stronger. As an engineer, I developed a keen eye for eliminating non-valued processes and waste. I was a proud member of an organization with a well-established culture of fiscal responsibility and commitment to our customers. All members sought to control costs and eliminate non-value waste added to our customers. As a former teacher within the district, I experience little evidence of a culture that is committed to fiscal responsibility. We can do better, and we will do better. 


My wife and I chose South Washington County ten years ago for many reasons, and access to highly effective schools was at the top of our list. Flash forward to today, and we agree that we made the correct decision; our children thrive at Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion School in St. Paul Park. 

Teaching was not my first career. Six years ago, I left a rewarding career in manufacturing to pursue a long-held desire to become a special education teacher. I began my new career as a paraprofessional in a high-needs special education setting at East Ridge High School. Right away, I knew I made the right decision! After a couple of years of working as a paraprofessional, I earned my master's degree and teaching license in special education. Within a few months, I was offered a teaching position in the summer of 2020 and worked as a center-based special education teacher for the next three years at East Ridge. 

I am so fortunate for my time at East Ridge High School and to have learned from so many wonderful paraprofessionals, support staff, teachers, and administrators. However, I am most grateful for the relationships I formed with students, parents, and staff; it has been a life-changing experience. 

As I started my sixth year in public education, I transitioned to a new school district to continue my teaching career in special education. I look forward to new challenges and opportunities associated with a new school. Although leaving SoWashCo has been difficult, the transition to a new high school will enable me to continue my growth as an educator. Lastly, there is another positive to working in a different school district; as a non-SoWashCo district employee, I now qualify as a candidate for a school board seat in my home community. 

I have formed many wonderful friendships within the community and SoWashCo school district, and after ten years, I am proud to call this area my home. I would be honored to serve this community as a school board member.

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Nonpartisan Pledge

In keeping with the spirit of nonpartisan local school board participation, I pledge not to solicit or accept any campaign contributions or endorsements from any organizations or special interest groups. 

Contact Chad Email: chadborseth@gmail.com Phone: 612.709.785811291 Harness Draw, Woodbury, MN  55129